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Per the Code, Academic Misconduct is defined as any activity that tends to undermine the academic integrity of the institution. Alleged violations of Academic Misconduct are reported to the Office of Student Ethics. Many students are unclear as to what constitutes academic integrity and why it is important. Academic integrity pertains to being honest and original in all academic work. All students are held accountable for submitting their own original work; therefore, it is essential for students, faculty and staff to recognize theimportance of academic integrity as it is reflective of the value of the IUdegree. Students who are found responsible for Academic Misconduct are often provided with an education opportunity to complete the Academic Integrity Seminar. The Academic Integrity Seminar is designed to educate students on the importance of academic integrity and how students can make sure they are being honest in their work.

Contact our office for information about process, procedures, or next steps.

For assistance, we encourage students to contact the Student Advocates Office or IUSA Student Rights for additional support through the academic misconduct process in respective schools/college and appeal procedures (how to).

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