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Peer Mediation

In the Fall semester of 2013, the Office of Student Ethics will be piloting a peer mediation program.

Why Mediation?

There are incidents for which Indiana University’s disciplinary procedures are not available Рthose times when behavior does not violate the Code, but may still be problematic. This could look like disagreements between roommates, lab partners, student employees, athletic team members, etc. The conflict might develop because of cultural differences, personality clashes, communication styles, or stereotypes (racial-based, gender-based, class-based, or otherwise), or for other reasons. The IU Office of Student Ethics is developing a voluntary mediation program for these non-code violation issues.


In the college campus setting, conflict and the ensuing conflict resolution can actually be beneficial to students, as an opportunity for education is created. This is especially true for conflicts that do not rise to the level of code violations, because these conflicts would not be dealt with at all in our formal adjudication model. Inclusion of social justice awareness and understanding in the training for both peer and staff mediators will insure that mediation is a meaningful, educational process for all involved, rather than a continuation of potentially oppressive social structures.

How Does Peer Mediation at IU Work?

If you are interested in using peer mediation to resolve a conflict, please call the Office of Student Ethics at 812-855-5419 to request an intake questionnaire. This questionnaire will help verify that your conflict is suited to resolution through peer mediation. Mediation will then be co-conducted by IU students who have been trained by the Office of Student Ethics. Peer mediation is free and confidential.

How to Get Involved

If you would like to volunteer as a peer mediator, contact Amelia Lahn in the Office of Student Ethics at 812-855-5419 or You will have a brief initial interview and then will participate in basic mediation training.

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