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Guide to Using LibraryThing

The GLBT Library’s LibraryThing account can be used to search and browse our current holdings. As always, if you need any help finding a certain book or topic, don’t hesitate to contact us at (812) 855-4252 or!

Set Up

  • LibraryThing catalogs can be arranged in a number of ways. For best viewing, click on (use it) if the message “iuglbtlibrary has a suggested style for viewing this library” appears immediately above the catalog records.

Searching Tips

  • Access the search function by viewing our library collection and using the search box in the right top corner of the page.
  • Check your spelling — Sadly, LibraryThing won’t catch most spelling mistakes.
  • Check your punctuation — For example, LibraryThing doesn’t recognize “&,” “+,” and “and” to mean the same things.
  • Boolean searching — If you’re feeling especially search-savvy, LibraryThing supports boolean searching, where you can use “AND” “OR” and “NOT” to enhance your search. For some tips on boolean searching, check out this guide from Duke University Libraries.

Browsing Tips

  • We’ve set up a number of tags to help you browse a subject you’re interested in. These can be viewed in a list or in a cloud. The tags are ever-changing, and can be used to browse our collection by call number, format, and various topical subjects.
  • Our tags can be used to browse our collection by call number. The number in front of each tag is the beginning of the book’s call number.

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