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Academic Search (EBSCO)
This comprehensive, multidisciplinary database compiles several other EBSCO databases, including Academic Search Premier, with 4,500 journals, LGBT Life with Full Text, with 50 of the leading GLBT journals, periodicals, and newspapers, Gender Studies Database, produced by the NISC covers an array of sexual diversity and gender issues, and MEDLINE, produced by the National Library of Medicine. Most articles are full text. Check Subject terms or Thesaurus for more information.

Suggested search terms for:
Academic Search Premier: “Lesbian,” “Lesbianism,” “Gay and lesbian,” “Feminism,” “Feminist,” “Sapphics” (Used for “Sapphic poetry”), “Homosexuality,” “Queer theory,” “Same-sex,” “GLBT,” “Sexual orientation,” “Homophobia.”
LGBT Life with Full Text: “Lesbian,” “Lesbianism,” “Gay and lesbian,” “Feminism,” “Feminist,” “Homosexuality,” “Queer theory,” “Same-sex,” “GLBT,” “Sexual orientation ,” “Homophobia ,” “Questioning people,” “Questioning youth.”
Gender Studies Database: “Lesbian,” “Lesbianism,” “Gay and lesbian,” “Feminism,” “Feminist,” “Women’s Liberation Movement,” “Sexual orientation,” “GLBT,” “Homophobia ,” “Queer.”
Family Studies Abstracts: “Lesbian,” “Lesbianism,” “Gay and lesbian,” “Feminism,” “Feminist,” “Sexual orientation,” “GLBT,” “Homophobia ,” “Sexual minorities.”
MEDLINE: “Homosexuality,” “Homosexuality, female.” “Feminism,” “Women’s rights.”
PsycARTCILES: “Lesbianism,” “Feminism,” “Feminist psychology,” “Feminist therapy,” “Women’s Liberation Movement,” “Homosexual Liberation Movement,” “Homosexual parents,” “Homosexuality,” “Homosexuality (Attitudes towards) ,” “Sexual orientation,” “Same sex marriage.”

Gender Watch
A full text database of 175 publications about how gender affects society. Humanities oriented, focusing on gender studies, law, history, and some psychology. Few medical or scientific articles.
Suggested search terms for this database:Lesbianism,” “Gays and lesbians,” “Gay,” “Homosexual,” “Homosexuality,” “Sexual orientation,” “Feminism,” “Women’s Rights Movement.”

An index of 1300 psychology related publications, including links to 250 full text journals and web documents.
Suggested search terms for this database:Lesbianism,” “Homosexuality,” “Homosexuality (Attitudes towards) ,” “Homosexual Liberation Movement,” “Homosexual parents,” “Sexual orientation,” “Same sex marriage,” “Homophobia ,” “Feminism,” “Feminist psychology,” “Feminist therapy,” “Women’s Rights Movement.”

Sociological Abstracts
An index to international literature in sociology and related disciplines in the social and behavioral sciences, including article abstracts and links to full text articles.
Suggested search terms for this database:Lesbianism,” “Homosexuality,” “Queer theory,” “Sexual preferences,” “Sodomy,” “Homophobia ,” “Homosexual relationships,” “Homosexual parents,” “Feminism,” “Feminist theory,” “Womens rights,” “Womens studies,” “Womens history,” “Womens roles.”

Alt-Press Watch
A collection of full text underground and alternative newspapers and periodicals. Subject Headings (called Topics) do not lend themselves to intersex-related research, and keyword searches are advised.
Suggested search terms for this database:Lesbianism,” “Gays and lesbians,” “Homosexuality,” “Sexual orientation,” “Homophobia,” “Same sex marriage,” “Feminism,” “Women’s Rights Movement.”

Biography and Genealogy Master Index
An index of citations to biographies, with no full text. Also contains no way to search by characteristics, such as “Lesbians..” You must know the name of the person before you search.

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Electronic Journals

Journal of Women, Politics & Policy
A peer- reviewed journal published by Haworth Press that presents a multidisciplinary approach to the study of women’s lives, focusing on women’s roles in the political process and how public policies impact women’s lives.

Genders Online Journal
An online journal published in collaboration with the University of Colorado, covering issues of gender in society, politics, and the arts.

Journal of Homosexuality
A peer- reviewed journal published by Haworth Press, one of the oldest gay and lesbian academic journals, and explores the political, social, and moral implications of research on human sexuality. Online holdings go back to 1993, print issues can be found in the GLBT Student Support Services Library going back to 1984.

International Journal of Sexual Health
A peer- reviewed journal published by Haworth Press, and the official journal of the World Association for Sexual Health, this journal is dedicated to the basic understanding of sexual health through a positive approach to all sexualities.

American Journal of Sexuality Education
A peer-reviewed journal published by Haworth Press aimed at providing sexuality educators with the latest research on sexuality education programming, including reports on curriculum development and assessment, literature reviews, scholarly commentary, and book and film reviews.

Journal of Psychology & Human Sexuality
A peer-reviewed journal published by Haworth Press on the psychology behind sexual behavior, including clinical, counseling, educational, social, experimental, psychoendocrinological, and psycho-neuroscience research.

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Women’ Lesbian Health
Women’s health and medical information for lesbians, published by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services.

People with a History: An Online Guide to Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Trans* History
Published by Fordham University, this website pulls together essays and primary sources on GLBT history, broken down by geographical area and time period.

glbtq: An Encyclopedia of Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender, and Queer Culture
An encyclopedia of GLBT topics is the arts, literature, and social science.

The International Encyclopedia of Sexuality, Volume I – IV 1997-2001
The lesbian issues discussed in this encyclopedia are organized by country. Hosted by Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), and edited by Robert Francoeur, reproduced online with the permission of The Continuum Publishing Company.

Human Sexuality: An Encyclopedia
An encyclopedia of sexuality and sexuality researchers. Search under “Lesbianism” or “Homosexuality and Lesbianism.”Hosted by Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), and edited by Erwin J. Haeberle, Vern L. Bullough and Bonnie Bullough, reproduced online with the permission of Garland Publishing. Inc.

Archive for Sexology: Books/Monographs
An archive of books made available online through Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany), including classic sexuality research, encyclopedias, surveys, and World Health Organization publications.

Archives for Sexology: Papers
Original published research papers on human sexuality, made available by Humboldt University (Berlin, Germany).

Internet Public Library
The Internet Public Library is an online bibliography of authoritative websites and internet pages, founded by the University of Michigan School of Information and hosted by Drexel University’s College of Information Science & Technology. Search “lesbian” to find subject collections, associations, magazines, and teen pages.

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