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Review Guidelines

  1. Choose a movie that has not been reviewed. If you don’t know which ones have already been chosen, check out the library reviews website. Movies new to the GLBTSSS Library are preferred. Ask the library coordinator for suggestions.
  2. Be positive. The purpose of a review is to let people who might be interested know the library has a movie. Even if you personally hated the movie, list the good points first. After that, it’s easy to tack on an “Unfortunately, the movie was brought down by…”
  3. Point out faults. If you didn’t like something, tell us! But don’t make the faults the thesis of the review. Remember, you are writing a review, not a critique.
  4. Don’t just recap the plot. A review is more than a plot summary. Demonstrate some kind of analysis. Comment on the acting, writing, costumes, music, special effects, philosophy, etc.
  5. No spoilers. Tempt the reader, but don’t tell us how the story ends.
  6. Mood. What is your overall impression when you finish the movie? Was it light-hearted? Deep and philosophical? Sad? Political? Romantic? Creepy? Mood can be a major draw for movie viewers, so be sure to emphasize it.
  7. Theme. Did you walk away with a moral or message?
  8. Grammar. Use spellcheck, know where your commas go. We edit reviews before they are posted on the web, and may ask you to revise your review, but this step saves everyone some effort.
  9. No personal attacks on the creators or performers.
  10. No harsh, profane, obscene, or discriminatory language.
  11. One-word commentaries. Don’t.

Contact the Library Coordinator at for more information.

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