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Want to Volunteer?

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Volunteer at the GLBTSSS office!

Volunteers help make many of our programs and services offered by the Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender Student Support Services office possible. Through volunteer support and involvement, the GLBT office serves all students, staff and faculty on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.

Volunteers help establish an inclusive environment, welcoming all who seek support.  Volunteers are a vital resource and necessary to help promote an atmosphere of acceptance for glbt and ally students.

Our volunteers have regular office hours and commit to working at the office for at least two hours a week and are interested in supporting the Indiana University Bloomington community and making a positive difference, enjoy helping others and like to have fun.

Below is a list of some sample tasks for Volunteers. Volunteers may choose the type of task in which they are interested (so if tabling or answering phones isn’t quite your thing, don’t worry, we have plenty of tasks for you!).

Overview of Tasks for Volunteers:

 General Tasks

  1. Create a welcoming space at the office by greeting visitors as they come in.
  2. Provide walk-throughs of the GLBTSSS house to visitors.
  3. Answer phones and help maintain a clean environment.
  4. Monitor brochure rack and research other alternative brochures online when applicable.
  5. Distribute flyers as needed.
  6. Distribute office business cards/library brochure to selected offices.


  1. Staff table at various resource fairs
  2. Plan monthly social events
  3. Take photos at events


  1. Email reminders to folks to return overdue library materials.
  2. Shelve books.
  3. Clean/dust books and dvds
  4. Check shelves for misplaced books
  5. Convert vhs tapes to dvds
  6. Review films, books
  7. Scan journals or magazines for articles to determine inclusion in library archives.


  1. Design posters and flyers for office, meetings, and events
  2. Distribute office business cards/brochures to selected offices on IUB campus

Speakers Bureau

  1. Sign up for GLB Speakers’ Bureau


  1. Develop “F.A.Q’s” for website and printed info.
  2. Scan web pages for possible program ideas/projects the office could undertake, particularly something for which YOU might like to take responsibility   (Campus Climate, Consortium, GLSEN, etc.)
  3. Assist in researching topics on LGBTQA  related subjects for web site.
  4. Organize materials for outreach programs, such as Positive Space, and online resources (web).

 Is there anything YOU want to suggest?

 For more information about volunteering at the GLBT Office, contact

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